E-Commerce & Technology

Similar to other business law sectors, e-commerce and technology have rules and regulations that regulate and govern their overall functioning. Both sectors are so vast and dynamic that problems naturally arise for business owners who wish to navigate them. We provide comprehensive and specialized advice and legal services in all aspects of e-commerce, e-regulatory compliance, software-related transactions, privacy and domain names, trade-marks, copyrights, online advertising and cross-border transactions, among others. When you find yourself grappling with any aspect of e-commerce and technology, we at Ontario Franchise Lawyers are available to assist you. We are here to advice you of your rights and obligations and can also help you in drafting pertinent e-commerce and technology documents as well.

The Information Technology sector has laws that govern computer software and hardware protection, access and control of digital information, internet access and usage, privacy issues, IT security, and electronic commerce. There are vast numbers of legal documents that fall under the ambit of IT laws and for which we can assist you. We can assist you with the following:

  • Trade Name Assignment
  • Trademark Assignment
  • Non-disclosure Agreement
  • End User License Agreement
  • Software License Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
  • IT Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Identifying Anonymous Defamers
  • Legal Service Agreements
  • Source Code Ownership and Escrow Agreements

We are experienced in all aspects of e-commerce and technology and strive to be on top of technology and e-commerce in the present day dynamic e-commerce and technology-driven world. In other words, we provide a dynamic solution to the ever changing world of e-commerce and technology. We draft software license agreements that assist our clients to protect their intellectual property rights and commercial transactions. It would be our pleasure to apply our robust technology background to your software transactions.

Now coming to the Internet activities and related laws, specific legislation has been enacted in order to govern electronic transactions and e-commerce. Within e-commerce also, there are several issues for which there can be a problem such as consumer protection, online advertising and many more.

Out skilled and experienced lawyers provide the following e-commerce service:

  • Website development deals and disputes
  • Protecting your domain name
  • Internet advertising agreements
  • End User agreements
  • Data encryption and protection standards agreement
  • Online contract formation and many more

So, whether you have any question regarding e-commerce or technology or you are going through any trouble associated with any of these sectors, please do not hesitate to contact our adept and experienced e-commerce and technology lawyers who will help you find a better way out to your problem.