Contracts & Agreements

There are many times when you go through breach of trust in business and that is the time when you actually require people who are experienced in business litigation. There are probable chances that you might have lost some finances as well. In such a case, the experienced lawyers are required fight the case for you.

We at Ontario Franchise Lawyers have long tradition of legal excellence. Our erudite lawyers are known for their detailed research, dedication and professionalism. We usually represent individuals, businesses and professionals. Though we offer a wide range of legal services, we excel in disputes related to contracts and agreements.

In addition to the above, our experienced team of contracts and agreement lawyers also prepare:

  • business contracts
  • real estate contracts
  • employment contracts
  • purchase and sales agreements
  • independent contractor agreements
  • contracts for the sale of goods, services and equipment
  • non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • cohabitation agreements
  • separation agreements and
  • marriage contracts

With such a wide range of services, we aim at providing the best solution to your particular problem. To achieve the best result, we offer customized services to our clients. With a team of proactive, highly skilled and trained professionals, we strive to provide best litigation services in any type of contract and agreement disputes.

Finally, our lawyers represent clients in all the different phases of dispute resolutions such as:

  • pre-claim negotiations
  • mediation
  • arbitration
  • trial and
  • appeal