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While doing business, there are varous kinds of problems that you may come across. These problems can sometimes encourage you to go for professional help in case you feel trapped or cheated. That is also the time that you will require people who are experienced in a wide array of legal matters that comprise almost every sphere of business law and its complexities.

Here at Ontario Franchise Lawyers we play a crucial role in the businesses of our clients. We deal with various kinds of business matters as we provide dynamic solutions to our clients’ business problems. We have a team of experienced, dedicated and professional lawyers who have expertise in various business matters. Our business practice group provides guidance and assistance to our clients on various issues related to franchise, contract and agreements, corporate and commercial law, e-commerce and technology and litigation.

Elaborating on our specific services, below is a brief description of our practice areas and services:

Franchising: Our skilled professionals will help you with franchise issues such as:

  • Product and service distribution
  • Product licensing
  • Manufacturing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Trademarks
  • Patent and copyrights

Contracts and agreements: We advise clients on all forms of contracts and also draft all forms of agreements, including the following:

  • Business contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Real Estate contracts
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Marriage contracts
  • Separation agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Purchase and sales agreements
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Confidentiality and Non-compete Agreements
  • Contracts for the sale of good, services and equipment
  • Service Contracts
  • Contract Review and Markups
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Equipment Lease Agreements
  • Entertainment Agreements including Recording Contracts
  • Sales Agency Agreements

Corporate and commercial law: We have a expert team of lawyers who specifically look into the matters related corporate and commercial law and offer varied services such as:

  • Commercial Agreements
  • Incorporations
  • Partnerships
  • Structuring and establishing and organizing a business
  • Registering Business Names, Domain names, Trade-marks, Patents and Copyrights
  • Shareholder, Joint Venture, Partnership and related agreements
  • Share and Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Amalgamations and Reorganizations
  • Dissolutions and Winding ups
  • Corporate Governance Issues, Corporate Disclosure Matters and Corporate Compliance
  • Advising on Provincial and Federal Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Mergers and Divestitures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Protection of Intellectual Property including Licensing, Distribution Confidentiality and Outsourcing Agreements
  • Sale of Goods Agreements
  • Legal Opinion Letters
  • Technology Licensing and Transfer Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements

E-commerce and technology: E-commerce and technology is a wide subject. Accordingly, we provide various e-commerce and technology services, including:

  • Purchasing and Protecting Domain Names
  • Domain Name Sales, Leases, and Disputes
  • Internet Advertising
  • Website User Agreements, Conditions and Privacy Policies
  • Data Encryption and Protection Standards
  • Online Contract Formation and Click-wrap Agreements
  • Software Development and Licensing Agreements
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Drafting
  • IT master Services Agreements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Internet Privacy Policy
  • Outsourcing Agreements
  • Identifying Anonymous Defamers
  • Compliance with Technology Regulation and Licensing Matters
  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements and many more

Litigation: We provide various litigation services, including:

  • Franchise Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Liens
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Oppression Remedy
  • Internet Libel Litigation
  • Internet Defamation Litigation
  • Leasing Litigation and many more

With such a vast range of business related services, we are prepared to warmly welcome individuals and businesses who encounter any form of legal problems in their business. We encourage you to feel free to contact us as we are always here to serve you. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions for each and every legal matter that comes to us.